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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Nov 22, 2019

How Do You Spell Love?  T.I.M.E. (and how to get the margin you need)


If you would rather skim and scan before you listen, I have created some short off-the-cuff notes for your convenience.

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How do you spell LOVE?


What would you do with 100 hours this year?


Is healthcare a right or privilege?


Are bathroom breaks for MDs a right or patient?


Where to pull your head out of (not THERE)


I meant YEAR not week LOL


A word of caution


If you theoretically save / practice by default, you will NOT save time


Make DESIGN your new DEFAULT, as often as you can


Apply as many elements as you can



  • Are you a patient Facing physician?
  • ER docs: you don’t get a pass, how this can also work for you
  • Are you willing to challenge
  • Are you willing to fight for this to work?
  • Fight for Margin instead of focusing on burnout

The good news & the not so good news


It SCALES… (but for whom?)


Does your life look like Bill Murray’s in Groundhog Day


Are there significant portions of repeat conversations that you repeat for different people?


Also: is the caregiver present for that conversation?

Also: is the spouse/partner/significant Other present for the conversation?


Did you go into medicine so you could repeat yourself all the time?


Where else does this happen?  Classical music perhaps

How my friend concert pianist taught Clair De Lune virtually via youtube videos bar by bar and broke through the time trap.


How it worked for Dr. F


How you can see for yourself - using the resources I’ve given you

You can use the Time Tool where you can see how much weekly time you’re spending on your #1 Frequently Answered Question.


How you can turn the Single Use Conversation into a Conversation On Demand (will cover in future episode) - it starts with the Time Tool



Did any of this resonate with you?


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