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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Nov 15, 2019

If you would rather skim and scan before you listen, I have created some short off-the-cuff notes for your convenience.

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This episode will strike to the root of millennia-strong traditions of physicians and patients.


I don’t believe in knocking traditional medicine.


I respect the values and methodologies of traditional medicine.


However I believe we need to challenge the traditions of traditional medicine.


Do you remember that Bill Murray movie where he repeated the exact same day over and over?


You don’t ever repeat the exact same day, but I would imagine if you are a patient facing physician - that you have several conversations that are 50%, 80% even 90% similar.


The key issue with these Frequently Answered Conversations is that they don’t scale the right way.


Patients have it made with their $30 deductible.


Because they have you repeating yourself all day long.


As a designer I look at this and wonder how this could possibly work.  It is not sustainable.


It IS scalable - in the wrong direction.


What other profession or arena of life does the more educated, valuable, time-poor, and expensive hourly rate be repeating themselves?


Does the Bank CEO give new hire orientation?


Does the five star general give the motivational speech for basic training?


Does the president of the USA conduct the exit interviews for retiring government employees?


These are ridiculous examples, but doctors are repeating themselves all day.


Single Use Plastics are horrible for the environment. They are unsustainable.


Likewise - Single Use Conversations are unsustainable for your current environment.


What if you shifted your energy from avoiding burnout to gaining margin?


From playing not to lose toward going full out and growing your breathing room.


If you were to take your repetitive conversations and shift them onto your patients while going deeper with them, what would that do for your personal reputation among your patients?


If you’re a clinic owner/partner, what would this do for your clinic’s brand?  What would it do for its actual value over time?


If you’re an executive or department head, what would this do for your reimbursements if your personnel had more margin?


If you’re intrigued, stay tuned to this podcast, because I will be showing you how this works.


Finally, an example from the world of web design.


When we go to a website, and ask a question, most likely it’s already been asked.


Most likely there is a FAQ section where we can go and read the answer quickly.


We don’t need to bother the site owner.  She doesn’t need to direct us to the answer, or mail it to us, she does zero extra work.


I’m suggesting that you begin playing with this idea of how can you as a physician answer the main question - and shift the time burden over to the patient who is likely eager to learn. 


Same thing with their caregiver or partner or spouse who might not be in the room with you and the patient.  Who might need to otherwise call your office for clarification, and interrupt your other patient visits.


Can a systems and sustainability solution work for you?  It can if you are willing to fight for the margin.



Did any of this resonate with you?


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