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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Nov 8, 2019


If you would rather skim and scan before you listen, I have created some short off-the-cuff notes for your convenience.

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I have seen it all


What is PBD?


Why am I doing this?


What do I want to encourage?


I hope that you will choose to build MARGIN


We live in an increasingly busy, hostile, class conscious world.


You studied, borrowed, worked, took on liability because you believe in serving others.


Your political views do not matter to me whether you believe in healthcare as right or privilege


About the prior episodes


This podcast EP 1-400 was known as BeTheTalk


I interviewed TED/x speakers for a year daily


You might be able to get a few tips on connecting to patients from some of those episodes.


My father has just closed his rural family medicine clinic after 40 years, sending me into full midlife crisis.


They don’t make MDs like they used to?


I got to see my entire life the “good old days” of medicine


The secret - those days are still here


The ingredient =  margin


If I can help you become a sustainability thinker, you can begin to design your practice.


What do you call alternative medicine that works?


I support Traditional Medicine


Your highest value =  safety | science


I do not pot shot Traditional Medicine


I respect it.  I understand there is a protocol and I understand they need to be respected in order to influence the overall system.


I do challenge the traditions of traditional medicine.


TM is like air traffic control, daily flying landing and managing 1000s of safe flights each day, each hour.


If you want margin for your life - you will also need to ethically challenge the traditions of traditional medicine.


Traditions like:

How you learned to interact with patients when rounding.


When I rollout these ideas to practicing physicians, I am surprised at the response.


My dad started writing down ideas in his own practice.


Stay tuned for resources and workshops that can literally walk you through these ideas.


Maybe you have colleagues, boss, NPs, others who need margin also


The good news: you are scaling yourself

The bad news: you are scaling yourself in the WRONG DIRECTION


Why does the most learned, most expensive person (you) have to repeat yourself and say the same conversation with different patients many times weekly, even daily.


Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?


Plug in and we will connect you to resources & tools.


Tools that will calculate the time you’re spending weekly and even annually what you’re spending on a given Single Use Conversation.


My bias is with medicine

Been married to medicine for over a decade.


Funny backstory

We are dating in residency

In fellowship my wife was in same school as my dad attended for med school.


So she looks up my dad in the yearbook


She saw something else (you need to listen to hear this!!!)


So I never felt like I needed to do or wanted medicine.


I became a performing artist instead

Retired early and became a sustainability designer and adjunct professor of a graduate program.


You can get the margin you need to extinguish burnout (coming soon - future episode).


Are you burned out?  I do care, even though I focus on margin.


I saw the sacrifices. I still do.


If you are struggling with BO reachout to me.  I will listen to you.


I am the author of Open Source Instructional Design - Successfully Mentoring SMEs


This was about empowering experts to understand and apply the basics of design thinking for better training and content.


Avatars for this podcast - physician,  clinic owner/partner, physician or other executives


I care about reimbursement situation


I care about educating and empowering patients and voters


I care about transparent pricing (as does everyone) - and I also understand that’s the only option besides closing the hospital for underpayment.


Maybe you hear my heart for what you’re doing.

Maybe you hear some hope for your future.


With intentionality - you WILL make a way.


You have done amazing things.


There will be a point in this podcast where you probably WONT like what I have to say.


I will also talk about reimbursements.


You say “I don’t care about HCAHPS/ reimbursements”


My perspective = sustainability perspective = it IS your problem


To fix healthcare and it’s toxic culture, we have to work together

  • We have to educate patients
  • We have to educate voters
  • We have to empower objective reporting / auditing instead of subjective reviewing


Until we fix at the source, this will just band aid.


You know certain ailments need much deeper work than a bandaid

You know there’s a recuperation period needed for that deeper work.


Did any of this resonate with you?


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