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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Oct 24, 2018

Julie Reisler is a Life Designer® and is the founder of Empowered Living, a personal development and life design company. Julie is the author of Get a PhD in YOU, host of the podcast 'The You-est You’, TEDx speaker, and inspirational speaker. Julie leads empowering retreats, courses and workshops around the globe, is a meditation teacher on the Insight Timer app, is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program and is a Lululemon Ambassador. Julie has a master’s degree in coaching and over 12 certifications in health and wellbeing, and leadership. She is all about you being your ‘you-est you’ and living life with purpose, passion and presence.



LISTEN to Julie's TEDx talk HERE


BeTheTalk is a 7 day a week podcast where Nathan Eckel chats with talkers from TEDx & branded events. Tips tools and techniques that can help you give the talk to change the world at !