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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Sep 14, 2018

Arnon Kraft has over 15 years of global business leadership and management. For the past four years Arnon manages a Strategic Sourcing group at Microsoft out of Redmond, WA. Prior to that, Arnon held several executive level positions spanning from Sales & Marketing, Business Development to Operations and Technology, in various consumer electronics companies such as SanDisk, modu mobile and msystems.  Throughout his career Arnon focused on and developed an expertise in strategic planning and execution, organizational leadership and management, partner relations and team & talent development.



LISTEN to Arnon's TEDx talk HERE


BeTheTalk is a 7 day a week podcast where Nathan Eckel chats with talkers from TEDx & branded events. Tips tools and techniques that can help you give the talk to change the world at !