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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Dec 20, 2019

We all hate Single Use Plastics - but Single Use Conversations are even more unsustainable for you and your practice.

Conversations On Demand are pre-recorded, prescribable audio links for patients 24/7.

In this episode Nathan reveals benefits like the:
- "ShotClock" (for times when you need to move forward quickly,

Dec 13, 2019

So you documented your PostOp or other FAQ into Patient Materials -
Want to save even MORE time? Automate your Patient Materials with an On Demand Audio link - so your forgetful patient, their caregiver, or their *substitute* (eek) caregiver has immediate 24/7 access to your PRERECORDED conversation! They might not even...

Dec 6, 2019

Give Me Your Patient-Facing Materials + 20 Minutes...
I'll Give You 10 Minutes Per Patient in Perpetuity!

Go behind the scenes in a recent case study where Nathan helped save a cardiologist a lot of time, energy and repetition with different patients. 

If you want to eliminate Single Use Conversations, your...