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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Nov 30, 2018

Stuart Lacey is a thought leader, TEDx speaker, investor and entrepreneur. And as founder and CEO of Trunomi, he believes that individuals should own their own data and should have a trusted and transparent way to control who uses it for what reason and for how long.


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Nov 29, 2018

Diana Keough is a Pulitzer-prize nominated medical journalist who is one of the few journalists to have won national awards for work in print and radio. As editor-in-chief at ShareWIK, Diana combines story-telling with expert opinion to create high quality health and wellness content that educates and engages...

Nov 28, 2018

Through Bill Kieffer's 30 years of leadership experience in the military and large global corporations, Bill has been fascinated with the middle. That segment of organizations that gets work done has great potential and that is so often under appreciated.



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Nov 27, 2018

Karen Salmansohn is a best-selling author and award winning designer with over 1 million books sold. She's known for creating self-help for people who wouldn't be cut dead doing self-help because Karen merges psychological with feisty humor and stylish design.



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Nov 26, 2018

Sarah Hernholm is an educator, entreprenuer, speaker, teen advocate and committed to doing whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Her hashtag is #doWit .



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