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BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

Jul 6, 2018

Sarah Hillware has spent her career designing, implementing and managing effective public affairs and social impact campaigns with measurable public health, gender equality, educational and environmental outcomes. Sarah is also a longtime champion of girls and women, as she believes they are central to poverty eradication, community empowerment and economic growth. In 2012, she founded Girls Health Ed, a community-based nonprofit organization, which provides comprehensive health education to girls and young women ages with the goal of helping them make empowered, lifelong decisions. Girls Health Ed has trained more than 60 "Teaching Fellows" using an original curriculum created by healthcare and education professionals and its school-based program is currently operating in 6 cities throughout the United States, and in Kenya in partnership with the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. The organization has reached over 2,000 girls and young women to date .The organization has since hired staff to manage day-to-day programs and operations, but Sarah continues to advise and lead strategic initiatives. Sarah's research and experience on school- and community-based health communication interventions and global women's issues have led her to give talks at TEDxBerkeley as well as at the United Nations through TEDxUNPlaza. She was recently named to the Leadership Center for Excellence 40 Under 40 list, and is a frequent keynote speaker and local television commentator in Washington, DC on WUSA9.

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